Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Present Situation


Here's whats been up with me;

I was working at Bloomberg TV India as a Journalist but have now resigned from my job.

My delightful girlfriend has left India to pursue further studies for a 2 yr Masters Diploma in Canada which makes it safe to say I won't be seeing her anytime soon.

I feel the need to silently rebel against my household and family as they suffocate and deny creativity Q.E.D. I sleep in the guestroom and not my own bed anymore.

I try and stay out as much as possible. Staying at home is an insult to my intelligence.

I want to write stories to entertain minds, make them reflect, possibly ignite new ideas in them. This is my purpose. I need nothing I don't already have to achieve it. For that, I consider myself blessed.

My means are this very laptop for which all I require is a mere charging station and a comfortable chair and table to engage in the activity. There is always this body that one has to manage. Hence food, rest and proper exercise are mandatory - no matter what age or how experienced one is. This is often an annoying task yet a healthy distraction.

But now I aspire for more. For I have tasted the feeling of earning a monetary sum with my own hard effort. I look upon those who are financially independent with awe and admiration. Even though I was never taught to chase money because I always seemed to have plenty; it seems sad but true that in today's times - even if you are chasing greatness and following your dreams, the question 'How much do you get a month?' has more weight than 'What did you achieve with your time?'. Our existence is a subtle compromise between the things that really matter and the things that only seem too.

I started by writing this to inform my friends and those who wonder about me what is happening in my life. But in the process have also stumbled upon certain reflections which could be relevant for anyone reading this.

In the end all I'd like to say is,
if you've had the patience to read this far,
Thank you for having so much interest in me - call me - for it is now more than ever than I need good company to keep me occupied;
And if your stuck in a job that you must do because you must do it - I'm not saying quit it and follow your passion. I'm sure you have your reasons for perpetuating, all I hope for is that you remember the activities that take your breath away like the art of writing does for me and indulge in it even if just for a short while today.

Live it up,

Wish you luck,

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