Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Meeting The Vice-President of India

Meeting the Vice-President of India Hon'ble Shri M. Hamid Ansari and Presenting him with the books - 'Of Ghosts, Wizards and Other Fantasies' and 'Essence of Spiritual Wisdom' at his residence on 23rd Spetember, 2014.

Monday, September 9, 2013

My Journey with PACH!

I love you so much!
Saach Saach!
I’ll miss you PACH 

Who knew our lives would change this way,
When we walked into CCD that day?
I was reserved and partially nervous,
I only knew this one girl, who is presently preparing for her civil service,
Then I met this Looney-Toon family – one founder at a time,
And a collared shirt man with a unique recipe of laughter to break the ice,
You opened your heart to complete strangers, it was truly sublime.
These were good people – genuine and nice.

It wasn't long before we let our guards down and got in touch,
‘Arrey yeh to honna hee thaa’ said our founder, ‘After all, this is PACH!’
The poetry connected us to each other and made us introspect too,
Some got inspired, some were admired, some even said ‘I love you’.

We have a Shaire of Shayari who’s now become a rap artist,
We have a diamond in the rough whose dog’s name is poof!
We have a big lovely Panda to add to the list,
And a small cute elephant who sits under the roof!
But no law of the jungle was applied here,
No rivalry for territory or love,
In fact we have an environmentalist who protects plants and saves Deer,
And a split-personality psychologist who sits as peaceful as a dove!

Before the fall, Eden must have been something like this,
Peaceful, serene, full of love and enchanting,
Brimming with creative fervor and nothing amiss,
Here we are all complete, united in every heart beat.

Personally I have grown ten-fold with you guys,
Harboring strength, facing fears, accepting the truth and forgetting broken ties,
I’m renewed, re-born a new me,
Because of the love of this wonderful PACH Family.

Thank you PACH ! :)