Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Stern Confession

Written for PACH 13 by Anirudh Vasdev

It's true, I'm damaged.
I was pure once. I knew love all too well but not any longer,
Now I have issues; I have baggage,
but the pain has made me grow and made me stronger.

Too much has changed and I understand what it means to grow up,
It's a lot more 'Good Mornings' and a lot less 'Wassup',
It's a lot more difficult and a lot less easy,
you feel the ride with its highs and lows - its a lot less breezy.

Innocence is replaced because of experience,
envisioning a dream and realizing it are two very different things,
you change, you understand and often become more obedient,
you have to adapt - you realize 'Thats Life!' and resistance stings.

Life was never complicated, on the contrary its brutally simple,
choices have to be made as both 'black' and 'white' intermingle,
these choices come at a cost and that cost is what affects us,
It questions, it confuses, it irritates, suddenly the game's calculative - minus or plus?

But the golden rule of life is that there's no going back,
and if you desire to return; its strength you lack,
Nostalgia and retrospect have a very limited shelf-life,
'Let it go' is what your told but once scared you always fear the knife.

In such times there is one great quality we posses that never fails to delight,
the ability to suprise yourself,
Transgression, taking an unexpected turn can lead to witnessing a lovely sight!
like finding an old photograph while dusting the top shelf.

Life is long; longer than you and I know,
So listen to Lenka's words when she says 'Just enjoy the show',
Being compassionate and true give peace and courage to push further,
Its not always a fairytale but neither is it 'The Sorrows of Young Werther!'

In friendship we find tremendous good feel,
In family we find support and nurturing,
we share laughs with the ones we love over a hearty meal,
with religion; in god, we feel our soul merging.

There are moments that make you feel divine,
there are moments that simply take your breath away,
there are moments you find yourself in good company sipping sparkling wine!
and your body gradually begins to sway . . .

When I was little, we'd first be inspired then work, but now the deadline is the greatest inspiration,
rather than success - the fear of failure is the force of motivation,
although then I was a child now I am worldly wise,
and honestly I'm a better man for the job in my own eyes :)


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Heightened Exuberance

Blessed with youth, energy and vibrance,
free to run, unrestrained and without guidance,
a soul with strength and passion; an empty mind with low will power,
laziness mixed with honour growing more numb with each passing hour.

a deep question, a lost cause of reality,
an illusion of greatness, an imagined sense of purpose followed by a miscalculated state of affairs,
loneliness, obsession, escapism, overwhelmed abnormality,
life is made to slow down like looking into a mirror and being forced to stare.

in betweenness follows complications,
negativity is short lived,
understanding is weak based on a flutter of emotions,
only positivity makes me 'Dare to be Free'

The mundane routineness follows an active alert curiosity,
a decadence of images with subtle animosity,
self reasoning accompanied with self doubt,
a thrill to hit without hurting upon seeing her pout.

Raw, so crazy raw from within despite the consistency for correct cooking,
like a simultaneous organised brainwashing when your not looking,
It is isolation and I do blame you !
I blame all who fed me the illusion even though they knew it wasn't true!

Beauty is presupposed by need,
not greed,
patience is a virtue,
not speed.

The pain mixes with the tranquility to form an unusual chasm,
the images float starting the process again,
exhaustion and hunger, peace and power, overrated expense causing a spasm,
'Grow up boy! This is the world of men!'

Orders sparkle with intent and rebellion,
a sense to defy is omnipresent,
gripped with fear; 'Forward March Batallion!'
all face the consequences whether Patriarch or peasant.

Time will pass by, this will all fade,
no matter how hard you worked, no matter what you made,
but the results are your own truth, the truth YOU cannot run away from,
You still live here, in this quiet compact dorm.