Thursday, December 3, 2015

As A New Journey Begins!

Its been sometime since I last wrote here,
Welcome back! To you my dear reader and to me for penning down thoughts here.

I have been working for the last three months in a firm called DesignForUse on a project as a content specialist. The nature of the work has been satisfying, the environment has been creative and stimulating - in short; I have been loving it. Made a few new friends, met some new interesting people. Its been a good ride.

On the 7th I will complete three months here and that is also the day that my month long vacation will begin. Yes, I have taken temporary leave from work for a month to attend to my body, mind and spirit. To start with, my physical health hasn't been the best. Much pain has arisen in my back, lots of weight loss due to bad sleeping and eating habits has resulted in weakness and soreness. Hopefully, in the span of some serious effort and dedication over this break I will regain some strength.

On the mental fronts, I feel depleted of vitality as friends have become fewer and those good ones whom I consider close barely meet due to being busy with their lives. Routines of work and Delhi traffic don't help our cause. So in part loneliness, but more so a lack of company to share with. Any job at the end of the day, no matter how much you like it, does wear you down.

On the spiritual front, I have been running away from taking inner responsibility and facing myself. Foolishly searching for the bubble reputation in parties, drinking myself away. Yes I have found some pleasure occasionally but evidently that has been momentary, nothing more. (Did sleep with 2 different women in a span of the same week though .. That was cool :P) This month I have restarted meditating and have been reading this book called 'The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari' which is providing good insight and reflection. Let's see where the journey takes me.

On the writing front! I have been reading more than writing honestly, more so because I am searching for inspiration on a subject to write about. Now the time has come to put aside the waiting process and just throw myself into the deep end to stumble upon something rather than wait for it to come to me. This won't be the best strategy of course, but since you have to make a start somewhere - so be it.

I am looking forward to new challenges, new experiences almost as if I am young and fearless all over again! The renewed vigour to live, strive & conquer are returning faster than expected.

I heard this song of Nickleback the other day in which there was this line - 'The Right Thing To Guide Us is Right Here Inside Us.' It made me realise that all the power I'll ever need to make it happen - I already possess. Just a matter of taking that leap :)

So, why wait?

Sometimes the only stopping you from being you - is You.

**Jumps off**


  1. Loved it... Gave me a insight for myself too :)

  2. That's good! You know what you're doing! :)

  3. Thank you for your comments. All an author ever wants is to know that what he writes is being read and appreciated. Glad it helps you to discover yourselves through reading my work! Wish you all success and happiness as well :)