Sunday, August 24, 2014

What The Heart Truly Desires

A little rush of passion,
A few sparks of romance,
Intelligence mixed with a little fashion,
A few drinks, music and the element of chance.

The magic in the eyes,
like a beautiful sunrise,
the two bodies collide like fire and ice,
a little love, a little lust, but overall oh so nice!

A concoction designed to appeal,
to the senses and the soul,
like a new hit song full of 'feel',
that makes you wanna Rock n roll!

What the heart truly desires is to love and be loved in return,
but its rare to find that in life so patience one must learn.

But always be on the lookout coz it can come along when you least expect it!
In a dark room or even one that's well lit!

Written at 23rd August, 2014
At Whetherspoons in Kingston while chilling with my friends and classmates - Dani, Max, Roger, Joe, Stacy and Marie. 

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