Friday, July 25, 2014

Lets Fall Together

My wish is for you to come to me and take me by suprise,
I want to wake up with you in my arms to every sunrise,
let's walk together through the grasses green,
and discover new lands together never before seen.

Hold my hand and take the leap,
let me hold you when you weep,
let me kiss you, your shiny skin so sweet,
lets dance to the song of love - such a beautiful beat.

Lets drink coffee together and complain about how capitalism is taking over the world,
lets discuss Plato and Socrates while letting our love unfurl,
lets watch a romantic movie together and have a subtle contest to see who cries first,
and when we can't hold it in any longer - let our tears burst!

Let's go shopping and discuss brands like we know the difference,
'Nah Nah Uniqlo's waaay better than M & S', 'No, that's just your preference'.
Let's cook together - I'll show u what I know and then you can show me what your good at,
I can pamper you with delicacies and you can help make me fat!

Lets be lazy together and be ok with that.
'What do you feel like doing today' .. 'Bleh' .. 'We chill in the flat?'
'Yeah' .. 'come here' .. 'I wanna snuggle' .. 'Its a hot day babe' ... 'You don't love me'
C'mon .. no need for a lover's spat.

Lets go for long cycle rides in Richmond park,
we'll see deers in the wild!
enjoy the trees, have a can of juice, maybe even spot a lark!
together in nature be beguiled.

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