Friday, July 25, 2014

Movie Review: Bobby Jasoos

To begin with, I quite liked the movie :)

In the past I have been often very judgmental and arrogant of my opinion of Hindi-Bollywood movies as they have given me plenty of reasons to be and as Hollywood has set high standards in my mind. If you've seen movies like Godfather, Star Wars and Remember the Titans; watching movies like Murder or Aashiqui 2 makes you want to die. So, let's face it - Its not completely my fault.

Moving on,

This movie in my reserved opinion is rather heart-warming (Yes I shed a few tears while watching it, and No you did not read that last sentence). The movie's plot is based on the protagonist Bobby who dreams of being a private detective and has little professional experience or formal education for the same. Her skills though are commendable. An intuitive mind with fairly thorough database of what goes on in her part of town; her skills are not to be taken lightly. She's witty, persistent and observant. Yes her unorthodox methods don't always come across as the best but they end up paying results which is what matters.

The movie is solely carried by the acting of Vidya Balan. It gets a bit slow in parts but thankfully unlike a lot of hindi movies this one isn't long. Its been well edited to fit into the 2 hour window of entertainment and that earns it marks in my books. The plot gets interesting after the initial bit as there is suspense created revolving around the nature of the mysterious character who hands out money as if its running out of style to Bobby for her services. Many questions are raised and in time answered. Who is this man? Why is he tracking down these people? What becomes of them once he finds them? Etc etc.
The family drama in the movie fits that of a typical Indian middle-class Muslim household where women must obey and honor the traditions set before them by the patriarchal head and 'society'. Personally I din't really like this bit. I feel sad seeing the mindsets of the majority of our population still stuck in their perception of their life as black and white with women either having a place in the household or not. In this sense, Bobby defies many of the stereotypical notions of being feminine and that's what makes her such a strong character. She's an ambitious go-getter who refuses to back down.
Upon the interval where she decides to go against the current and stand up to the 'boss-man' rather than simply be a pawn in the game is when it gets interesting.

No Bollywood movie is complete without a love story these days and this film is no exception. Although, at least there is an attempt made to not make the entire movie revolve around the love story so that earns it marks too. Although the cheesy love song calls for alarm and hence all those marks you just earned have now been subtracted.

Here's where it loses marks for me - the script is rather simple. So if your attentive, you really can make out where its all going. Although as a writer I know how difficult it can be to tell a good story, thats why I never undermine even an otherwise ordinary averagely good story. But when it comes to movies, a director has a lot more tools to express creativity than a writer. Apart from the back-story of mr. mysterious and his reasoning of why he's doing what he's doing - there really isn't anything much you can't anticipate if you haven't been concentrating.

For me the real flavour to the movie was the ending. Not just the mystery unsolved but the way Booby stands up to her father. The dialogue 'Mai aapki sharam nahi, aapki shaan bana chahti huu' really struck a cord with me. The last 15 mins of the movie where everything culminates is definitely the best in this critics opinion and the wait to reach there is quite alright.
The humour in the movie also keeps you occupied and I must say there is quite a bit of it in the film.

So all in all, it ain't a genius movie. It is good entertainment. Vidya Balan - well done. Script - good show. Happy to see Bollywood progressing the way it is. (I am reeeealy hoping this is not a re-make of some English movie coz then I'd really lose a lot of faith).

I would rate the movie a reasonable 6 of 10. Would I watch it again? Maybe. But yes, if your looking for an entertaining yet heartwarming hindi movie with a bit of suspense and drama - this is definitely a good bet.


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