Saturday, April 12, 2014

Reflection of a moment

(Started on 5th April, 2014 at 5:45 am)

It's not just happiness I feel, its a mixture of profound peace and serenity,
It's not just love she gave me, its meaning and reason to be,
It wasn't just black or white, it was more than that,
I realized it when alone in the club I sat.

Looking around I struggled to find a clear path,
Its not easy to identify whats the way to go sometimes,
I struggle everyday, it's a constant tassel like the mind of a sociopath,
a flicker of familiarity echoes comfort like Corona with lime.

What was beautiful, I could not see, I only realized in feeling,
with time, it revealed itself and indeed how brightly it shone,
one step at a time, non-judgmental, non-attached, simple flowing,
naturally, gradually, carrying innocence and playfulness, as if just born.

It has the power to rejuvenate, but it takes wisdom to fully accept its ways,
But those who are intelligent in time understand that that's the way to go,
because you realize who you are, not who society wants to make you,
you find strength and awareness within, which guides you so.

Just inner strength and focus isn't enough mind you,
The outer journey is just as real as the one within,
your thoughts, feelings and actions carry energy which constantly sail through,
creating a balance between 'in' and 'out' is crucial to surviving.

Too much reflection makes you a thinker,
Too little makes you a fool,
Just right makes you wise,
Not reflecting at all is just 'ek bahut baddi bhool'.
(A phrase in Hindi which translates into 'A very big mistake')

What takes courage is knowing what is right and following it even if your unsure how things are gonna play out,
There's faith in such a decision, and the power of faith is so tremendous it is unfathomable,
contesting, persisting even when your mind tempts you - like the illusion of an oasis in a drought.
Push through, focus, don't listen to the doubtful voice in your head, it's laughable. 

But at some level I truly believe we are all slaves in the hands of time,
today is our time to shine so we sparkle, tommorow its not so we struggle to rhyme,
everything - all our emotions, expressions, experiences, memories - everything is set to happen the way it does,
one moment your everybody's favorite Woody! The next minute its Buzz!

And that's what actually makes me believe in Buddha's words of it ALL being an illusion,
the real truth, the real crux of the matter is us! Us as we are! The magic we hold in being!
Everything we've ever wanted or defined ourselves by is present within,
yet we search high and low outside for all the magnificence expanding our eyes to see.  

Time only makes us realize this truth.
Causality is the principle, realization is the fruit,
cause and effect - as you reap, you shall sow;
But the heart constantly desires, and the brain even more so!

Its difficult to not be tempted and live wisely,
Its not deep meditation but more of an inner awareness,
your body talks to you as just as much your mind,
Its language is rarely heard even though its one of a kind.

Mind-body, interior-exterior, the world and its influence on us,
we are all part of the grand universe but one rarely feels connected to it,
the mind's always preoccupied; while at work, talking over dinner or even going home on the bus!
like separate pieces of a puzzle bent out of shape in order to prevent the right fit.

It is not peace we will find, it is not power or wisdom, it is just time,
we will find and we will let go, and then on the path of life we will repeat,
the best we can do is accept it, the irreversible loop we are all drawn too,
no better, no worse in the long run just memories perhaps to woo.

I read this poem once called 'Some people laugh and some people cry',
It brought a smile and a tear to my eye,
its about how people react to the same situations,
while one man finds it humourous, another one sighs ...

So its about perspective then, ah we have another discovery,
time, causality and now attitude! Ah sounds savoury,
Were all philosophers and rockstars misunderstood and born in the wrong decade,
lost in love, hungry for fame, pressure lingering like the general's mind in a war-zone blockade.

Or maybe not depends on how we see it no?
Today is a bright shinny day and brighter even will be tomorrow!
but perspective also factors in being true to yourself and that means living in the moment,
so back to inner-awareness; see? I just fell into the loop again.

I'm just as human as you; and your just as human as the guy sitting next to you!
So is Goku (well technically he was a sayan) and Majin buu!
(Sorry just wanted a creative way to rhyme .. kinda lame but it'll make those of you who watch DBZ smile :D )

And now I take your leave to go be true to what I believe in,
while this poem lets you introspect upon what has been said,
before the end one offers gratitude; hope reading this was time well-spent,
or maybe time made you arrive here upon this reflection of a moment. 

(Ended on 13th April at 2:30 am)