Thursday, February 27, 2014

To New Beginnings

To getting a New Debit card,
to the start of better friendships,
to more confidence and less overconfidence,
to more conversations over coffee and less kissing on the lips.

To more patience and more maturity,
to more focus and less frivolity,
to being self-aware, to being more understanding,
to maintaining relations and acknowledging subjectivity.

To new sunrises and less midnights,
to travel responsibly and less lazyness,
to learning how to cook and eating healthy,
to more deep breaths and less crazyness.

To more Adorno and less 'Friends',
to being more supportive and less offend,
to catching the bus on time and not walking home!
to being more social and less alone.

To being less social when required too!
To Widening My Gaze and doing what I need to do.
to having more self-respect and never selling myself short,
to seeing myself soon (hopefully) on the Squash Court.

To less romance and more 'be my friend',
to appreciating what I have and making amends,
to a fundamental change of attitude that starts by saying 'NO',
You can't always be the nice guy, think twice before you say 'Yo!'.

To living in the moment and creating a new identity,
To breaking away from convention and enjoying the unpleasant serenity,
to shattering the mind which restricts and believing in the mind which acknowledges flight!
to sitting back and accepting the change - 'Ah what a sight' 

and finally,
To wishing you all a very goodnight! 


  1. they are teaching you adorno there? o_O

  2. Yes my friend, They teach us Adorno here :) He belongs to the 'Frankfurt School of Thought' which is my assignment topic for one of my modules.