Saturday, January 4, 2014

Book Review: 'The Dalai Lama's Cat' by David Michie

There are very few books one reads with absolutely not a single negative remark to say. This book is a delightful read and I am honoured to present a book review of it on my blog. It is for books like these that the purpose of a book reviewer truly exists - to tell you that this is a good book and you should read it. But lets not only make this me talking and you believing. I'd like to think that the audience of my blog is a smart independent one that thinks for itself and ascertains itself as it what is worthwhile and what is it not. So here why in my opinion I rate this book a flashing 5/5 stars -

The book's story although fictional is one hundred percent plausible and infact in many situations deals with problems that all normal human beings deal with - ego, anger, gluttony, low confidence, etc. Yes the book places Buddhism and Spirituality at a higher pedestal and makes it the first and foremost solution to all these problems - so if your not into spirituality this book is certainly NOT for you.
The book is quite literally exactly what the title suggests. The story of the Dalai Lama's cat. The most unique and never-before-seen feature that I as a reader witnessed was that the story is presented FROM THE CAT'S POINT OF VEIW. Yes! The entire Narrative is that of the cat's! There are passages in between where humans (often famous humans) take over but it is mostly the words and thoughts of the cat. Now I have always been a dog person and have a more or less stern dislike for cats since the 5th grade, but this book never made me feel repulsive to this feline even when it spat out furballs. That's the other catch. I'm the kind of reader who appreciates good writing. I do appreciate a good story but the way its presented scores points with me too. This book is deliciously written. I say 'deliciously' not because of the hundreds of food descriptions that are indeed gastronomically delightful as our little Snow Lion or HHC (His Holiness' cat) as she is addressed as is a big fat glutton! But because the author has indeed taken time to edit his manuscript with the choicest words to express articulately what he wishes to convey. This rare talent in today's fast pace world makes you admire and literally get lost along the pages as you grow reading this wonderful book. From accurate descriptions of the behaviour of how his holiness behaves with his guests to breath taking descriptions of Mcleodganj from a feline's eye situated at the highest point of Namgyal Monastery, this book is a light, humourous, spiritually enlightening read that makes you introspect and feel alive. I would suggest all who are interested to pick it up and not look back. Oh and keep your pencil ready because in all likelihood you'll definitely be doing some underlining :)

Although I do caution you it starts rather slowly and takes the first few chapters to get gripping, but once your hooked - There's no turning back! Just sit back and enjoy the show :D


  1. I can't find it online. :/
    you know what you have to do..

  2. Lol, Will gladly lend it to you when next we meet :)