Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Boxer

A gust of wind,
A ray of sunlight,
The dreamy eyes wake,
Time for the next round of the fight.

He looks into the mirror, A moment of self-refelction,
Reminding him to be strong and patient,
'Your time will come, just keep working and hold on',
A poster of Ali on the wall - his inspiration.

Music in his ears, fire in his belly, he runs,
runs so far he loses track, he was never built for the track anyway,
push up, pull up, push up, pull up - Focus kid! This aint a game of fun!
One wrong move and you'll come crashing down like a leap of hay.

Knees bruised, elbows scratched, eye blue and I don't mean the pupil,
"Keep your shoulders up! Wrists cocked up!" No mercy! Be brutal,
Aaaaaah! He lunges, Ufff, he plunges,
the fight takes it toll, hit, beat up, he sits - catches his breath.

Training for the big fight was never easy,
The rides always tough, only rarely is it breezy,
Eat protein and plenty of carbs! Get your rest son,
Yes Coach! Just three more lifts before the day's quota is done.

The time came when his talent was put to the test,
He was facing all - the worst and the best,
Ringside, every step along the way coach saw the glory begin,
K.O. ! Victory Rizler! He's too fast! So strong and lean!

It din't matter how tall or strong you were, this 'kid' was the formidable force you couldn't stand up to,
Rizler! Rizler! Rizler! The nobody whose name was now on everyone's lips,
A bleeding mouth, one hurt eye, yet he stood, unafraid, undefeated, no boo-hoo,
landed a punch and fractured his opponents hip!

'How do you do it?' They asked him, 'What's your secret?'
'Just dedication and hard work' he replied humbly,
This was true but it wasn't the whole truth,
there was another reason that made Rizler do what he did - It was Bumblebee.

Bumblebee. Oh Bumblebee. So innocent. So sweet,
but the fates had not been kind and Bumblebee was no more.
Rizler was so angry, sadness took over him. He felt defeat,
The incident broke him. Left him like a gaping wound - in need of healing whist still sore.

He had no one but himself to help him get back on his feet,
the journey changed him, he was never the same again.
the boy had become a man, ready to struggle, full of energy, upbeat!
a mixture of pain and hope keeping him sane.

Boxing found him, Coach put a glove in his hand before lending him one,
Coach taught him to dream again, 'You're gonna be BIG son!',
Coach painted the picture, Rizler made it a reality,
 Together they overcame all the hurdles and became an unstoppable team.

Now they travel, rocking the ring, making the arena come alive,
With every punch landing his name into the archives,
Look at him go! In, out, in, out! Slippery like a fish, swift like a puma!
Strong, oh so strong, making the crowds sing in unison 'hallelujah, hallelujah!'

Behold The Legend of Rizler!
It's his time now, Look at him shine!

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