Sunday, July 24, 2016

On Ode To Your Lips

The slender eyes can play tricks,
The tiny nose can draw you in,
But the lips, Oh these lips, when thrown into the mix,
will make you commit the original sin.

On that beautiful face, shrouded amidst the hair,
they stand out like a cherry on a souffle,
Oh so juicy, oh so sweet,
Right there for the taking, ripe to eat!

If The Rolling Stones had seen this, their emblem would have been slightly different,
the tongue would go in and just the pout would remain,
For your glorious two would create such a predicament,
that despite a tongue and cheek effort all would go insane.

I wish I could kiss your lips,
the ones between you hips, I mean.
Those are the ones that no-one has seen.
And that just makes me more keen :*

No but seriously, Your lips are so delicious,
If I could I'd take them out on a date,
Just the lips, buy nachos and extra dip,
So I can watch it drip, from the stiff upper lip.

Then I notice! You don't like to share,
Trust me, I'll take care of them, I swear!
But Alas! You prefer to hold back & put me at unease,
Haa! Who knew you'd like to tease.

I've been drawn into the game but you've underestimated the player,
I may seem gullible but lying within is a dragon-slayer,
brave and strong I'll wait till the teaser tires,
then snap! I''ll grab you and kiss you igniting the passionate fires.

We both like a challenge but hey, its not a competition,
its not like 'beating the opponent' is the mission,
I'm just glad we got to kiss,
because it truly felt like bliss.


  1. Romance! Purely elaborates the keen eye of the observer and the beauty those would have been!

    1. Well that was the idea so I'm glad it came through. Thanks Adi! ;)

  2. It's so overt that it is covert!
    Nice piece!